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Richard Taylor "Silhouette" Reviews

"When roots rock is done right, however, like Jason & the Scorchers or Pete Berwick or Steve Earle, it's a joy to hear, molding a half-century of rock, country and blues into an invigorating elixir of sound. Add Richard Taylor to the short list of musicians who "get it" all right, Taylor's Silhouette a textbook example of roots rock that bristles with life and energy. Every song on Silhouette is punctuated by Taylor's rambling guitarwork, an edgy rhythmic style that shakes like a railroad car careening off the tracks.

And it's the songs that raise Silhouette head and shoulders above most roots rock pretenders. The album kicks off with "Alibi," a classic "kiss off" to a bad romance played as a Stones-styled rocker, rockabilly/surf riffs underlined by a constant bass drumbeat.

"Beggin' For A Kiss" sounds like early Dire Straits filtered through the New York Dolls, a twangy rave-up that would shake up Nashville's Music Row with a BANG!

The instrumental "Swagger" shimmers and shakes like a Mississippi juke joint while "Audition Stage" channels vintage Dylan with obscured lyrics and brilliant imagery.

"If That's Love" has a Bakersfield feel to it, Dave Alvin jamming with Dwight Yoakum while the dancefloor rocks and the beer bottles fly.

Speaking of Mr. Zimmerman, Taylor's cover of "Desolation Row" is spot-on, with somber vocals and some fine fretwork while his twin readings of Roger Miller's classic "King Of The Road" faithfully recreate the joyous spirit of the original albeit with varying musical perspectives.

A fine debut by any measure, Richard Taylor's Silhouette is well deserving of a wider audience. Taylor manages to sweep aside the musical detritus of today's committee-created corporate rock and just lets the music do the talking. In the case of Silhouette, the music speaks volumes...."



Richard Taylor "Silhouette" (Independent 2005) "...the outer reaches of the rock n roll
country trail blazed by Jason & the Scorchers; it has that rough edge to it. It is admirably straightforward, with guitar, bass and drums, vocals. The songs swagger with Friday night insouciance...
gritty unpretentious good time music."


Richard Taylor

"... listening to this album - with its ‘rootsy’ feel - will make you understand where the "real" rock'n'roll comes from and where the “real” country comes from – and will establish itself as the missing link between the two.

In this sense, Richard Taylor delivers a flawless album with perfectly crafted guitar hooks, infectious bluesy licks, and with a lot of care-free attitude that will undoubtedly add more and more joy at every listen.

Track one “Alibi” will hook you from the start, while track two is an interesting and well-thought cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row”, interpreting it with a fresher feel and undisputable guitar mastery. Live track “Like a Water’s Wet” seals even more effectively the fact that this man could give guitar lessons to almost anyone, while humorous “King of The Road” is the perfect fit to an already enjoyable album.

Overall, the M.O.R. approach of Silhouette is balanced by a young spirit that won’t fail to show up – and impress you – from start to finish."

Giada Arnone


Guitar driven' Roots Rock and alt Country/Blues twang from the East Coast.
Two Guitars, Bass, and Drums, period.

This band has a high-speed passion for roots rock and alt country/blues, as evidenced by this CD. Bandmates Joe Goltz on Bass and Tim Pruitt on guitar joined Richard Taylor on Guitar and Vocals to make this CD happen.

Richard Taylor Reviews

"Richard Taylor runs amok through the history of rock 'n' roll and for his own amusment, and ours, grabs momentos and leaves grafitti like some musical Kilroy."
The Washington Post

"Richard Taylor is a sharp guitar player whose chunky rhythm style is as gritty as vintage Keith Richards' "
Boston Rock Magazine

"Rough-and-ready roots rock"
Columbia Flyer

"Taylor himself possesses a flawless instinct for roadhouse rockin'.
Reminiscent of a straight right hand from Marvin Hagler, the smokin' guitarmanship and sharp melodic hooks jump out and slap you right on the chin."
Maryland Musician Magazine

"An American roots rock band with a crisp and aggressive sound.
Richard Taylor is having fun, and that spirit of rock n' roll emerges."
The Choice Magazine

"Bar-tested guitar hooks and cleverly twisted lyrics"
The Washington Post

"Fanatic "roots" rockers Richard Taylor and the Ravers music is pure, up-tempo rock n' roll."
Maryland Musician

"Nuts-and-bolts rock n' roll."
Columbia Flyer