A call for Video Submissions from YML listeners to be included in a
Music Video for Sly's Theme Song is now underway.

Chair-dancing, stair-dancing, prayer-dancing, mowing the lawn, juggling your ipod, cooking spaghetti, reading a book, washing your hair, chasing your cat, even normal dancing and most anything else will be considered.

Full quality NTSC video is preferred.10, 20, 30 seconds, up to 10 minutes.
You can submit your full-quality video on a CD, DVD, vhs tape, or mini dv tape.

I'll be using bits and pieces of some, all, or none of these submissions,
combined with other video clips that I will shoot.

You can videotape anything you want, but it must be performed to the music of Sly's Theme song (#11). Please submit by March 25th, 2005

And... it must be legal, and should be in good taste.

The final Music Video will be posted on RichardTaylor.TV later this Spring.

This is not a contest, so there are no prizes or compensation.

By submitting your video masterpiece, you agree that I have your permission
to use your video as I see fit.

Signature ___________________________________________________


Your email address ___________________________________________

Date ______________________________________________________

Please send your video masterpiece along with this signed page to:

PO BOX 1307

Questions? email click here