DJI Mic V2 vs V1

05) Intelligent Noise Cancelation

06) 18 Hour Battery Life (+3 hours) with Charging Case

07) Connect to both RX and Bluetooth and switch between either

08) Built-in Gain Presets Tailored To Specific Camera Models

09) Receiver Pass Through Power to Charge iPhone

10) Remote TX Trigger to Start - Stop iPhone Recording

11) Stronger Thicker Magnets

12) White Version Available

13) Attached Cold Shoe

14) Auto Power On - Off in Sync w Camera

16) Aluminum Case w/ Snap Lock Versus Plastic or a Potato

Upgrading to the DJI V2 Mic from the DJI V1 is a no-brainer if you are in the market for a wireless mic system in 2024.

I bought the V2 system and will be selling my V1 version.

Improvements from V1

03) Slightly Larger Touch Screen

04) Direct Bluetooth Connectivity to iPhone and DJI Devices

By comparison, the RODE Pro soft case reminds me of a

Balking Potato with a zipper.

Caution! Humor ahead!

15) iPhone Audio Playback Without The Need To Unplug The Receiver

01) 32 Bit Float Recording w 11 hours record time

02) RX Dial

DJI Mic 2 vs RODE Wireless Pro - BEST WIRELESS SYSTEM OF 2024

DJI Mic V2 vs RODE Pro

02) Opening Case Shows Status of all Devices vs Nothing

04) One master storage case versus two identical ones

01) Much Smaller Transmitter Mic

I would be satisfied using either one of these systems for good quality wireless audio. But I sold both my Rode Wireless I & II systems for the DJI 1 and never looked back. The RODE system is just too clunky in day to day use for me. Your needs and decision may be different.

However, if I wanted the best audio, I would use a quality wired mic.

07) Direct Connect USB-C Mount to iPhone

08) Intelligent Noise Cancelling

09) Bluetooth Connectivity to DJI devices and iPhone

10) Haptic Feedback

11) Metal Cold Shoe clip for magnetic mounting - no metal clip on/off, on/off

12) Start & stop transmitter recording from receiver

13) Receiver pass through power to charge iPhone

14) No app needed

15) Headphone Monitor on RX. Rode Pro doesn't have one.

05) All settings via Touch Screen versus menu buttons and app

06) View screen from side, not top

03) Charging case shows battery status via LEDs