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Panasonic LUMIX S5 IIX

If all the specs pan out in the real world, I'll likley be buying a LumIx S5 IIX this summer

Did I miss one? Send it here: email




Shutter angle

6K 10 bit in camera recording

ProRes RAW & BRAW via HDMI

RAW output via HDMI

Internal ProRes recording

Anamorphic filming

Superior IBIS

External monitor and Viewfinder at the same time

Active cooling with Fan

Open Gate full sensor readout

10 Custom LUTS

Real time LUTs with bake-in option

USB Power and charging at the same time

Hot swap cards

USB SSD recording

Exposure Tools LumaScopes, False Color, Spot metering

Line Level mic input option

USB tethering to smartphones

Video clip scrubbing in camera

1080 FHD up to 180p

1.84 Million Dot 3" Display

96MP high resolution mode